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Now the use of braces or brackets increasingly widespread, especially among young women. But unfortunately, some of them who just do not know about the benefits of the stirrup itself. Benefits stirrup true teeth are used to stimulate the growth of the teeth to look more beautiful and at the same time to spruce up the position of the teeth.
But unfortunately stirrup this time it is used for action "gayaan style" course. This of course is a thing that is not quite right, because the use of stirrup that one can actually impact the dangers of the use of the stirrup itself. As a comparison about the dangers and benefits of dental brackets, following us for information:
The benefits of wearing stirrup gear:
- Having panampilan beautiful, modern, and stlylish
- Can take care of teeth
- Being able to stimulate the growth of teeth in a positive direction

Dangers of tooth wear stirrup:
- Can cause thrush
- Experiencing inflammation (gingivitis) which causes the gums to bleed easily
- Pain / pain that is felt is normal due to the process of resorption and apposition (this is what causes the teeth to move). Usually the pain will disappear after 3-7 days.

Braces or brackets is not just an accessory or decoration in the mouth. Braces it can prevent many complaints in the area of the mouth even in vital organs of the body due to improper tooth alignment. In the past, wearing braces is considered odd and antiquated. Many bad stories about this orthodontist tools, ranging from discomfort to not wanting to be teased. Therefore, the braces are also known as the bracket is an object that is as far as possible be avoided by people with tooth alignment shambles. However, such an assumption is changed after Tom Cruise, Hollywood actress, wearing a smoothing arrangement Iuntuk teeth. Many people wear the bracket just for appearances. In fact, the bracket of course have more essential functions, related to dental health. Described by Drg. Personal Aditya, Sp.Ort, dental experts from RS Mitra Family Bekasi, the main function is to improve tooth alignment bracket by pulling it slowly and gradually so neat arrangement of teeth as desired. If the tooth alignment is correct, the person is easier to chew food. "Uneven teeth complicates the process of chewing and chewing food was not completely pulverized. Well, for those who are sensitive digestion, food is not completely destroyed last could be a problem," said Drg. Aditya. Trigger stroke neatness Affairs teeth can not be taken lightly. Not only can interfere with digestion, but also can have an effect throughout the body. Do not believe? Create a chaotic arrangement of teeth between the teeth difficult to clean. As a result of dental cavities easy, porous, raised plaque, gums bleed easily, to cause the unpleasant aroma of mouth. Germs that nest in the tooth can also damage the health of the gums and nerves. Some medical reference tooth germs even mention if left unchecked, can spread to the heart can even trigger a stroke! Braces, further Drg. Aditya, is a solution to fix the tooth arrangement. Tooth arrangement classified as hard corrected buck teeth can be corrected with braces. "Take the example of a football player Ronaldinho, if he wants, teeth can be corrected with braces," he said. Diligently check Except for wearing braces is not as easy as most people thought. "Replacing the existing braces process. Starting from dental examinations, photo gear arrangement, to make dental impressions of patients to be easily identified which parts of which must be addressed," said Drg. Yulia Rachma, Sp.Perio, chiropractors and supporting the teeth of Matra Medical Clinic Kebun Orange, Jakarta. Furthermore, if there are problems with teeth and gums should be addressed first before wearing braces. "If it is not difficult to cure because the trigger later blocked braces," he added. X-ray examination is required to determine the initial composition of the individual teeth, is there any teeth need to be removed or not. "Because it could be anyone but the big teeth in gums small space, so another tooth needs to be 'sacrificed' to make room for the teeth to be corrected is located. If the size of the teeth and gums fit, there should be no 'victimizing' another gear," he explained . After wearing bracket, indirect patient escapes from the dental clinic. Routine inspection shall be three or four weeks. "This examination as well as to draw the teeth gradually. If it is not withdrawn, the teeth will not be shifted to the desired position," said Drg. Aditya. The duration of the use of braces depends on the conditions and how much gear position that must be corrected. More teeth or position to be pulled, the longer the time of use. "Usually about two to three years, but it could take longer or faster, depending on the patient's lifestyle," he said. Although millionaire smile looks tortured and requires diligence in care, the results will be worth it. "Many former users of the bracket is satisfied with the form and function of their teeth after corrected with braces," said Drg. Aditya. However, the right to wear braces or not remains in the hands of patients. If the patient does not want to wear the braces, he should really keep clean his teeth. "Well, often there are people who want to correct arrangement of teeth with braces to join the trend. If healthy teeth and no matter for what braces?

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