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   Modernization of the current era, many berkembanganya technology, especially in the field of communication devices or often called gadgets. The continued development of gadgets, ikutpula growing social network. An assortment of social networking that have sprung up.
   Now I will give a discussion of social networking which is quite famous among young people today, namely the PATH.

Standing History of Social Networking Media - What is Path? Path is a new social networking site that can be used to exchange photos or comments with friends or close relatives only. According to En., the startup was launched in November 2010.

Interestingly, these social networking sites only allow users to have a friend or relative as many as 150 people. Dave Morin, co-founder and CEO of Path, said, "The path is made to maintain the security and privacy of its users. They will be free from interference or comments of others who are not so familiar with it". Morin also said that not only share pictures or comments that could be done Path users, users can also send each music or video-mails safely.

According to, Path is at the same site which originally specialized application for iPhone users, but now has been developed to be used by Android users. It works similar to how Twitter and Instagram. Users can quickly and safely send photos taken using the iPhone camera or smartphone, and do not interfere with the tags of other parties as is often experienced by users of Facebook.

Path created by entrepreneurs who have successfully combined before, like Dave Morin (former Facebook employees), Shawn Fanning (Napster creator), and Dustin Mierau (Mac developer Napster). After they created the Path for iOS and Android, now they square off to enter the world of BlackBerry. Currently, Path has managed to collect funds for the development of the application at the same site as much as US $ 2.5 million. The funds obtained from many sources, such as Ron Conway, Index Ventures, First Round Capital, Ashton Kutcher, Kevin Rose, Marc Benioff, Chris Kelly, and many others. look very simple, and was impressed but not like a site similar to wallpaper for your computer screen because there are a lot of posts or keys in it. At the top right corner there is only one small button to login. At the bottom left, there are three other panels, namely two panels to access or view a video about the Path, and one panel to download this application. If you are a businessman, maybe Path is an application once the site is suitable for you, because your communication with business associates will be centered without any interference from other parties.

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