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1. Your future is not based on your past

Do not believe in prejudice. Only by hand can be changed You're lucky you, because no one can judge the future by the past. Get rid of negative thoughts and do approach with a positive perspective. You can guide your luck, just take control of your life and find the courage to do the things you've always wanted.

cara mengatasi badmood
Cara Mengatasi Badmood

2. Trying new things

New experiences during the day can do wonders. Even the discovery of a new feeling and a different understanding can relieve you of a bad mood. Talking to new people, reading a novel that you've never read before, or listen to music that makes you happy. You can also try meditation for 10 to 20 minutes a day, to fill your mind with peace and hope.

3. Enjoy the sun and fresh air

Take a break from work and standing next to a sunny window. Enjoy the sun and drinking a cup of coffee to strengthen your body and charging. Meanwhile, the sun will increase the level of vitamin D in the body, which improves mood is good for you. If you have time take a walk, you will be surprised at how relieved you feel.

4. Think about the positive aspects of your life

Remember some of the accomplishments you have achieved in the last five years. Maybe you get married, have children or get a promotion at work. Acknowledging your progress automatically gives a sense of satisfaction and can help you experience problems with the faith and will power.

5. Avoid people who again "depression"

Remember optimism is contagious, like the suffering! When you hang out with people who can fill you with hope, you can easily overcome the unpleasant incident that day. On the other hand, if people around you are pessimistic and depressed continuously, it is more likely that will make you feel worse and destroy your expectations to change your mood.

cara mengatasi bad mood
Bad Mood

6. Attach photos of family and friends at the door of the fridge

On average you visit the refrigerator about 10 times a day. A recent study showed that the happiest people have put photos of a family gathering or a variety of get-togethers with friends that leads to beautiful memories on the refrigerator door. You just have to try it!

7. Think of a ridiculous story

Consider a person annoying and silly characters in your head. Imagine you are in a story, comic outrageous, and then came the destruction! Soon, you will see that it has formed a smile on your lips. In the end, imagine yourself as a protagonist and "hug" that led to optimism in the story.

8. Make a note

Familiarize your hands are always interacting with diary and describe any positive activity today. Maybe you have some good moments during the weekends or attend a great event. You will soon realize that when you are familiar with this process, you will want to write on your calendar you happy moments and this will make you feel good.

9. Change the negative experience into an opportunity

Make a list of five to ten things are (or can be) one of these days and read it aloud. Generally, when you listen to the problems related to you ... you can treat them more calm and see how small they are in reality. Do not see things as black or white as there are gray areas!

10. Reduce stress through small daily tricks

Whenever you find yourself behaving negatively, stop! To reduce stress, recognizing habits that give you stress and try to reduce them during the day. So, you will work effectively on this issue and will manage to eliminate stress, with a more optimistic view of life.

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